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How to Successfully Lead in a Crisis

As a leader, what do you do when your organization faces a crisis? We recently looked at triage mode and strategies for leaders to manage their work in this mindset. Crisis situations are similar to triage, but have some key unique elements. In triage mode, we may feel overwhelmed by ...
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How Leaders Can Survive & Thrive in Triage Mode at Work

When you find yourself overwhelmed by unexpected and urgent items at work, you often enter what we call “triage mode.” In medical situations, triage is the assignment of degrees of urgency to a patient’s needs in order to decide which person deserves attention first. Imagine you’re in an emergency room ...
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Return to Networking with Confidence

As the business world starts to welcome in-person gatherings again, we’re constantly getting asked, “I’m so out of practice—how can I begin networking again?” Today we’ll explore 6 common myths about networking to help you return to networking with confidence.  Before we get started, let’s define networking. What is it? Networking means building ...
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