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Guest Speaking


Our diverse team of coaches are available for guest speaking at conferences, corporations, trade associations, and educational institutions. Most guest speaking engagements are 50 minutes in length and include hands-on activity and a Q&A period.

7 Levels of Influence

Learn how to: analyze your audience, identify the sources of resistance to your key messages, and determine the distance between where key audiences are and where you want them to be. Practice hands-on application of crafting a message to advance your idea/position according to the audience.

Communicate with Impact

Premier organizations need communicators at all levels who can influence others. Learn how to be an engaging, energizing, and activating communicator who communicates with impact.

Enhance Your Presence™

Learn how to emit Presence by understanding what it looks like, how it can impact your career, and how it can be developed through confidence, communication, and emotional maturity.

Leading & Managing Others

Learn the difference between a Leader and a Manager, what qualities are needed in both, and how to lead others by motivating, aligning, and inspiring.

Ten Tips for Selling Value

Your clients must see value in your organization and your product. Learn how to create and sell value to your customer through tips on listening, creating custom messaging, and building your trust and credibility.

Business of Networking

Learn how to build your business network, maximize the value of professional and community memberships, and expand social skills for many different settings.

Presenting to Senior Leaders

Learn how to communicate with impact. Use proven methods to build momentum and credibility when discussing strategic initiatives with senior leaders.

Learning is a Journey

This topic is exclusive to Jennifer Maxson and was created after she was named recipient of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce 2018 ATHENA Award. It is focused on the various ATHENA tenets and covers lessons she has learned in her 20s, 30s, and 40s with interactive and meaningful discussion.

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