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Guest Speaking


Our diverse team of coaches are available for guest speaking at conferences, corporations, trade associations, and educational institutions. Most guest speaking engagements are 50 minutes in length and include hands-on activity and a Q&A period.

Leading & Managing Others

Learn the difference between a Leader and a Manager, what qualities are needed in both, and how to lead others by motivating, aligning, and inspiring.

High Performing Teams

Learn how to: improve team performance, become a high team performance leader with high performing teams, and redefine the concept of individual and team accountability.

Enhance Your Presence™

Learn how to emit Presence by understanding what it looks like, how it can impact your career, and how it can be developed through confidence, communication, and emotional maturity.

Communicate with Impact

Premier organizations need communicators at all levels who can influence others. Learn how to be an engaging, energizing, and activating communicator who communicates with impact.

The Power of Storytelling

Stories can engage audiences and enhance a message for anyone who needs to inspire and motivate key constituencies: internal leaders, sales leaders, public speakers, training managers, media spokespeople, plant managers, and many more. Learn how to use storytelling in business to be more successful by improving your storytelling performance.

Business of Networking

Learn how to build your business network, maximize the value of professional and community memberships, and expand social skills for many different settings.

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