Leadership Lesson: Stay Connected

Nov 29, 2018

Back in the early 1990’s, I had a professor at Grand Valley State University that also became a mentor to me. During class, he would tell incredible stories about his time in the automotive industry which actually led to getting a subscription to Car and Driver magazine. He was the professor that always had students in his office, and we all looked forward to being in his class. He knew my interest was combining communications and business, and he encouraged me to stay on my journey.

After graduation, he would stay connected with his students. He invited students back to speak to his classes, he connected students with alumni for internships, and he was always interested in our careers.

So why was this mentor so special? If you remember back to the early 90’s; there was no LinkedIn, no Google search, we sent documents by fax or mail, and many of us were trying to figure out how to use email. He took the time to write a note, he would pick up the phone to invite you to speak to his class, and he made the effort to stayed connected. 

My leadership lesson for you: Leaders take the time to stay connected.

  • Connecting takes effort and it is noticed and appreciated by others
  • Connecting builds relationships with others
  • Connecting allows us to grow as leaders, giving us opportunities to get different perspectives and insights from others

In your busy schedule, find just 5 minutes to acknowledge somebody’s efforts. Instead of sending an email message, write a personal note, pick up the phone, and make sure to thank someone for their hard work. We now have technology that makes staying connected easier, so let’s use it along with the old-fashioned methods to grow and build relationships. Leaders find ways to stay connected.

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