From leading change and influencing others to effective communication and advanced sales training, Jennifer Maxson & Associates has the right solution to propel your organization to new heights.  Simply put, we help organizations move forward. Jennifer Maxson & Associates is unique. We customize each program to fit client needs and encourage hands-on learning through experiential education.

Fifty to seventy-five percent of each program involves real world application because we know practice makes permanent (not perfect).  We go above and beyond for our clients by offering complimentary reinforcement sessions, ideas for sustainable leadership development and continued engagement with our team of coaches. See what our clients are saying >

Jennifer Maxson & Associates is available for guest speaking at conferences, corporations, trade associations, and educational institutions. Contact us and we will provide you with our favorite and most popular topics.

Jennifer Maxson & Associates offers Guest Speaking in any of the below topics. Customized topics per organizational needs are available upon request.


7 Levels of Influence
During this guest speaking session, learn how to: analyze your audience, identify the sources of resistance to your key messages, and determine the distance between where key audiences are and where you want them to be. There is hands-on application of crafting a message to advance your idea/position according to the audience.

Communicate with Impact
Premier organizations need communicators at all levels who can influence others. Learn how to be an engaging, energizing, and activating communicator who communicates with impact.

Emotional Intelligence
Achieve higher levels of employee engagement, motivate, and inspire your team by understanding and practicing Emotional Intelligence. During this session, we will define what Emotional Intelligence is and why it has a key differentiator of success.

Executive Presence
Learn how to emit Executive Presence by understanding what it looks like, how it can impact your career, and how it can be developed through confidence, communication, and emotional maturity.

High Performing Teams
Learn how to: improve team performance, become a high team performance leader with high performing teams, redefine the concept of individual and team accountability, and develop important new skills alongside a decision making model.

Leader and Manager
Througout this session, learn the difference between a Leader and a Manager, what qualities are needed in both, and how the two roles work together as separate entities.

Ten Tips for Selling Value
Your clients must see value in your organization and your product. Learn how to create and sell value to your customer through tips on listening, creating custom messaging, and building your trust and credibility.

The Art of Networking
During this session, participants will learn how to build their business network, maximize the value of professional and community memberships, and expand social skills for many different settings. This session combines self assessment tools alongside real-life application and exercises for maximum effectiveness.

The Power of Storytelling
Stories can engage audiences and enhance a message for anyone who needs to inspire and motivate key constituencies:  internal leaders, sales leaders, public speakers, training managers, media spokespeople, plant managers, and many more. Learn how to use storytelling in business to be more successful by improving your storytelling performance.

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