Why We Should Watch Ourselves Present

Mar 21, 2019 Tips

The love of film…

In an article from The Guardian titled, “The love of film that made Tom Brady a superstar”, Les Carter states:

What Belichick taught Brady and the others in the room was to crawl in the heads of the men who would face them across the field. He showed them how to spot habits and tendencies and even insecurities. He made them see those men as those men saw themselves.

You may not be a Tom Brady fan but we can agree that he has been extremely successful as a quarterback in the NFL. He has achieved this status through a number of disciplines. One of those is his “love of film.”

In our programs we record our participants as they present and allow them to watch their own “films”. According to what they tell us in their evaluations of our programs, this is one of the most painful moments in the program AND one of the most appreciated.

Like Brady, our clients have shared that these “films”:

  1. Help them “spot habits and tendencies and even insecurities” – both good and bad that affect their communications,
  2. Help them to see themselves as others see them, and
  3. Help them to identify a clear plan to address these habits and tendencies for future communications.

Your “film” can come from being recorded or it can come as feedback from a trusted peer or leader in your organization. We challenge you to have the “love of film” and to use it as a tool for greatness.

Source: The Guardian, Feb. 3, 2017, Les Carpenter



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