Speak Up & Be Effective™-Momentum

Communicate for Results!

In Speak Up & Be EffectiveTM- Momentum you will learn how to:
• Execute your communication objective authentically and clearly
• Expand communication presence seated and standing
• Engage customers, clients, teams, peers, and leaders by crafting messages that communicate clear value and connect key initiatives to organizational vision
•Enhance your credibility as a leader

With a focus on clear messages that are impactful yet flexible, and presence that communicates confidence and authenticity, we will double your communication effectiveness. Recording of participants and playbacks allow for instant feedback and coaching from both peers and a team of dedicated coaches. In addition to the two-day program, you will complete a short pre-program questionnaire and identify upcoming communication opportunities.

Benefits to you and your organization:
• A clear picture of how others see and hear your message
• Practice, feedback, and personal coaching for an impactful delivery
• New strategies and behaviors to connect, influence, and gain buy-in
• A long-term plan for continued practice and development

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