Executive Coaching

Senior level leaders require individually tailored solutions to achieve personal breakthroughs and their next level of leadership. Just like professional athletes, leaders need coaches to provide the perspective, skills, motivation, and inspiration to achieve their highest potential. Our coaches incorporate discussion, assigned activities, instruction, rehearsal, and observation into monthly one-on-one sessions. All coaching services are tailored to the executive and organizational needs.

Services Include:

  • Assessments
  • Interviews
  • Consulting and coaching time (face to face, telephone, email) to individual goals
  • Video recording when focused on key communications
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Preparation of session content and methods to get performance results
  • Personalized materials
  • Follow-up email reminders for practice and performance improvements
  • Reading assignments

Our Executive Coaching Process:

Step 1
In-take meetings with Executive, Sponsor, and Human Resources when appropriate. Purpose is to gather information on past performance, define where performance needs to be improved, create alignment on the focus for the Executive Coaching engagement.

Step 2
Our coach and the Executive will set performance targets. This includes reviewing assignments, interviews from other in the organization, alignment with the organization’s mission, and strategies.

Step 3
Together, our coach and the Executive will create a working coaching plan. This plan will be reviewed and evaluated at every coaching session.

Step 4
Implement the coaching plan. We recommend a six-month coaching engagement for performance results. Coaching sessions are 1.5-2 hours in length.

Step 5
Our coach will provide support for change. During the coaching engagement our coach will also be in contact with the Sponsor to receive feedback on performance results.

Step 6
Accountability for implementing the behaviors identified during the Executive Coaching process.

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