The Importance of Storytelling

Sep 5, 2018 Tips

Storytelling has been used for hundreds of generations to share and pass down language, culture, values, beliefs... and it still has value today. Maybe even more value, given the number messages we are exposed to on a daily basis. Start by asking yourself the below questions:

What’s the context? Get your story straight. Set the scene. Who’s telling the story? And where? And when? Why is the story being told? The answers to these questions will help you create your story.

Am I being authentic? Your audience is there to listen to you and your stories. Not someone else’s. Be yourself. Authenticity captures the attention of an audience. Draw from your own personal experience. This very human approach makes you and your story real.

How can I be intriguing? This has a lot to do with authenticity. An audience can discern a true story from a fabricated one… and of course they respond better to the former. A genuine story is an intriguing story, and that’s what makes it memorable.

What do I want? Before beginning a story, know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Identify your objective and create your story to reach that goal. Don’t just tell any story, tell one with a purpose.

Skillful storytelling engages an audience on a personal level, making his or her message more memorable. It is a powerful tool that transforms presentations.

Do you need help building your storytelling skills? Our The Power of Storytelling program will help you develop business stories that can persuade, inspire and motivate. Contact Jennifer Maxson & Associates about customizing this program to fit your organization’s needs.

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