Struggling with how to show up? Here are 4 Tips

May 21, 2018 Tips

How do you show up? 

  • Your workload is overwhelming or mundane...
  • You're stressed...
  • Your responsibilities are changing...
  • You're meeting your new leader...
  • You're leading a new team or your team is changing...

How do you show up? 

This has been a recurring question in many of our client sessions and programs. Good leaders show up. All the time. Despite the good, bad, or ugly that is happening around them at home or in the workplace. Below are a few tips to help you “show up” in the best - or worst - of times:

Dress the part. How you look is important. For your audience and for you. Jeff Boss shares that dressing the part places you in the right mental state, because feeling like a leader is a precursor to acting like one… even when you’ve had very little sleep. First impressions are made in a few seconds. Consider the impression your dress can make on others.

Be present. Interact and engage with individuals whenever possible. Stop by the breakroom, have lunch with others, attend an important meeting… even when the work is piling up on your desk. Presence signals that you’re interested and involved, listening and understanding. It builds trust and trust is crucial to the success of a leader and an organization.

Pay attention. One of the most sincere forms of respect, according to Bryant McGill, is to listen to what another person has to say. Not everyone needs a response, a reply, or a rebuttal. Sometimes showing up means simply listening… even when your daily tasks are uninteresting or uninspiring. Listen with your eyes and ears. Read the body language of others. Ask clarifying questions to truly understand the wants and needs of others.

Demonstrate care. Employees who work in a caring environment are more loyal and more productive. They know their leaders have a personal and vested interest in them and their colleagues. Leaders who show up express concern for their people… even when your company, your team, or your role is transitioning.

If you want to do things that matter, you have to show up. Every day and in every situation. In the good, the bad, and the ugly. Are you struggling with how to show up? We can help! Contact us today for information on Enhancing Your Presence.



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