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The Exceptional Leader

Lead the business. Lead change. Lead people.

The Exceptional Leader™ program is a multi-step process in which you will:


the Differences between Managing and Leading

Set Direction

Using a Strategic Thinking Process to develop a one-page Strategic Roadmap for your Organization, Function, or Team

Create your Leadership Development Roadmap

Develop a plan to guide your leadership development and help you become the leader your want to be!

In addition to the two-day program, you will complete a pre-program questionnaire to set individual goals, have opportunities for continued growth through a post-program consultation and access to our Alumni events for new information, motivation, and skill development.

Benefits to you and your organization:

  • Focus on organizational priorities and personal goals
  • Meet other leaders who share your strategies and obstacles
  • Gain a valuable network
  • Renewed energy and inspiration
  • Increased value to your organization
  • A plan to inspire change
  • Enhanced confidence in yourself and your team

Upcoming Dates
April 30 & May 1, 2019
September 17 & 18, 2019


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