Client Testimonials

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University of Michigan - Ross School of Business

Nathan Dewey - Program Coordinator

Amy was a great instructor. I received personalized, specific feedback and expert coaching on how to connect with an audience, deliver my message with poise, and improve my overall public speaking skills. I highly recommend this program.

Mercantile Bank

Robert Staley - Vice President

My objective in attending Varnum was to make my speaking more concise in small and large group settings. The program is well done from start to finish. Pre-work is brief but very effective in setting up an impactful 2-day session. Instructors are knowledgeable, confident and personal. Opportunities to practice speaking in session are valuable. Immediate visual and verbal feedback is priceless in generating effective speaking habits. I love this program and those that make it a wonderful learning experience.

Arbor Research

Kaden Milkovich - Project Manager

I attended Varnum Consulting’s single-day Speak out and be Effective training and can truthfully say it has been one of the most useful and engaging professional development opportunities that I have had the privilege of attending. The training focused on crafting and delivering clear and credible professional communications placing particular emphasis on presenter delivery. As a project manager, I found the subject matter extremely relevant to my specific job duties working with a diverse constituent of organizational stakeholders and Amy, our facilitator, did a truly outstanding job translating the skills across our group’s varied professional backgrounds. The recorded training exercises where we were asked to present on several different subjects were prescient, well-timed in duration, very engaging, and highly informative. Watching my presentations truly brought to light some unconscious behaviors I fell back on during public presentations, and Amy again did a remarkable job of providing supportive feedback and suggestions for improvement. As a facilitator, Amy was remarkable and truly an exemplary model of effective communication skills. Not a phrase or communication gesture was ill-timed or out of place. The small cohort size was very inviting, and I felt relaxed and comfortable working on some of my “tics” in an environment devoid of judgment. I left the training with a multitude of skills and activities to work on to further improve my communication effectiveness and highly recommend participating in this training. From this experience I have learned that there is something to improve at every level of professional speaking—no matter if you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career.

Michigan Women's Foundation

Elly Drain - Youth Development Program Manager

Before the Speak Up & Be Effective – Advanced Program, I was unaware that some of the body language habits I’d developed were potentially harming my credibility as a communicator. Thanks to the expertise and instruction from the very knowledgeable coaches, I now have several tools to help craft and effectively deliver an activating message. Watching and critiquing myself on camera was uncomfortable, but it was definitely worth the end result. I would highly recommend this program to any young professional.

Plante Moran

Ashley Dempsey - Experienced Hire Recruiting Coordinator

The Speak Up and Be Effective program far exceeded my expectations. I have never been comfortable with public speaking and was nervous even going into the session, but the program is set up in a way that put me at ease and allowed me to get the most out of the feedback from other participants. Amy was very helpful with the feedback she gave, and I have a new awareness of my natural tendencies along with how to build credibility with an audience.

University of Michigan - Ross School of Business

Jeff Domagala - Associate Director

Speak Up and Be Effective is one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had as a professional. The personalized feedback I received from my coach and my peers that day will serve as constant reminders for improvement each and every time I begin to prepare any presentation. Our coach Amy energized the group and prepared the content in a way that was applicable across all disciplines. I left the session feeling excited about my next presentation having gained a set of tools to put into practice with a newfound confidence.